Carrie Antczak

Rev. Carrie Antczak

Deacon, East Ohio

Cara embodies compassion and grace, and she is just what the church needs at this moment.

Her pastoral gifts for caring for people and communities are evident in all of the different roles she has served within our denomination. From mission to work, to Conference leadership, to congregational ministry, Cara brings a spirit of calm, of peace, and of healing wherever she serves. Her very presence has been known to lighten the spirits of those present and allow breathing room for the Holy Spirit to go to work. Because of this, she brings hope and optimism to even the most contentious environments.

Let not her tenderness lead you to believe she is soft though. She is a woman of deep strength, conviction, and calling. Her strength in moving the church towards meaningful change has led to fruitful ministry. She is both strategic, and flexible, shows true strength in learning as she goes, and sharing in decision making. She empowers those whose voices are often unheard and listens well. She is intentional in sharing power and equipping leaders.

As a Deacon ordained to compassion and justice, I see Cara living out these callings as well. She has shown many what it means to speak truth with love, to graciously come alongside people in their areas of growth, and stand up for, and with, those who have experienced harm. What the church needs now, is such a spirit. One who is able and eager to tend to the hurt places, usher in healing, make space for truth and stories, and cultivate a culture of mutual care.