Endorsement for Cara

By Kristina Schnepf

Previous member of North Canton Faith UMC with Cara as one of her pastors

With conviction I assert that Rev. Cara Stultz Costello is the leader the United Methodist Church needs at this critical time.

I have witnessed Cara tame a room of fiery opinions to enable rational discussion and reasonable debate. And I’ve also seen her inspire a crowd with the energy to ignite action.

Cara is consumed by the Holy Spirit and it pours out of her in equal parts passion and compassion making she, herself, a spirit that people are compelled to follow. Cara leads with an effervescence that is contagious . She makes you want to be a better person and her leadership as Bishop will no doubt make us a better church.

There is truly no one quite like Cara. Her unique ability to both challenge and reconcile will serve the needs of today’s church. Cara has been called to be a candidate for the episcopacy at precisely this time because, I believe, we as a church need her brand of leadership right now. There is no one I want illuminating our path forward more than Cara.

Kristina Schnepf
UMC Member