Marc Tibbs

An endorsement of Rev. Cara Stultz Costello as she stands for consideration as an episcopal candidate

Pastor Marc Tibbs

Licensed Local Pastor, East Ohio Conference of the UMC serving Centenary United Methodist Church, Akron

From the time I first met Cara Stultz Costello at Licensing School (at which she taught the Critical Response Process and worship design and leadership), I have always been learning from her. First, she taught us, the students at Licensing School, how to give loving feedback to one another. Next she showed us, all the participants in the work of Annual Conference, through praise dancing, how to offer one’s whole self to the Lord. More recently, Cara taught me and few others about the ‘choreography’ between the three persons of the Trinity, and how they interpenetrate one another to bring about the perfect will of God. She even taught me United Methodist Polity in seminary, one of the most enjoyable classes I’ve had. Cara is a lifelong learner. The more she learns, the more she teaches. These are qualities we need in a Bishop.

I told her recently that JOY is her modus operandi, and it’s true. She is always such a joy to be around. I endorse Cara for the episcopacy with all that I have within me.