From NCJ Episcopal Candidates Interview

Question 1

Call to Episcopacy

Could you tell us a little bit about yourself and why in a time such as this do you feel called to make yourself available to be elected as a bishop?

Question 2

NCJ Covenant

The NCJ approved a covenant to build the loved community last November, what part or parts of that covenant resonate most strongly with you and how would that covenant shape your leadership as bishop?

Question 3

Vision for the Church

What are 2 to 3 core values that guide your leadership and shape the way you approach a vision for the church?

Question 4


If elected bishop what will your priorities be as you lead through the current realities the church is facing?

Question 5

Spiritual Leader

How have you been affirmed as a spiritual leader and how would you lead from that place as bishop?

Question 6


Can you think of a time you faced strong opposition to your leadership as a pastor or church leader, how did you respond and what did you learn from that experience that has helped you become a better leader?

Cara’s Closing Thoughts