Luigi Perez

Reflections on God’s Gifts and Graces at Work on Rev. Cara E. Stultz Costello, NCJ 2022 Episcopal Candidate

Rev. Luigi Perez Perez

Full Elder in The United Methodist Church
Chaplain, USAF

Cara has a gentle presence that handsomely reflects the love and grace of God. The United Methodist Church needs Bishops who will model disciplined calmness amidst chaos and uncertainty. Cara has been displaying and perfecting her empathic and thoughtful availability for all people for many years. She is meek, and such a gift will help The United Methodist Church heal and create a wider space to serve and fully embrace the whole of God’s creation.

Additionally, Cara is deeply rooted in the history and polity of our church. She is committed to our Wesleyan Tradition – a LIVING practice seeking to engage the past in thoughtful and critical consideration. As a creative and visionary leader, Cara will re-appropriate our Wesleyan heritage with passion and integrity, resulting in new constructive approaches to address present and future challenges and opportunities.

Furthermore, Cara has a deep well of experience. With her more than 30 years of servant leadership, both as lay and clergy, Cara brings unique perspectives and talents to the Episcopacy. She brings the gifts of courageous leadership, a trained mind, and a perceptive and caring heart.

In short, with her gifts of thoughtful availability, creative and visionary leadership, and accumulated experience, Cara can make a tremendous impact on the present and future mission of The United Methodist Church.